About Grannies on the Go

Grannies on the Go company vehicles.For owner, Cyndi White, Grannies On The Go is a long-time dream that became a reality in 2014. It was begun as a companionship service to enhance elderly people’s physical, spiritual and mental health situations. Since 2014, the company vision has grown and so has the need and demand for its services.

As the staff spent time with seniors, and began building relationships with them, they learned that their clients needed help getting around town. So Grannies On The Go started offering assisted transportation for medical appointments, shopping, and errands.

A Personal Touch

Since the start of her career with the elderly in 1995, working as a recreation coordinator in care facilities in both Ontario and BC, Cyndi White has been aware of a real need and gap in the services offered to seniors.

Although most care facilities are run to high standards and staffed by caring professionals, Cyndi realized that there is always a need for that “little extra” – a personal touch – to improve quality of life for seniors.

Each senior is an individual person, with a whole life history, particular preferences and likes, and a specific situation in this stage of life. Cyndi envisioned a team of qualified companions who would assist seniors, their families, and even their professional care teams by providing support and services tailor-made to the individual. She knew this support would help seniors achieve a higher quality of life, and she wanted to deliver it.

Cyndi dreamed of building a team of qualified, compassionate people who could deliver the highest level of customer service to seniors and their families. This is how Grannies On The Go was begun, and it’s what still inspires them to show up for work every day, ready to provide companionship with compassion.