Dementia Support

Grannies On The Go has plenty of experience working with seniors with dementia.So many families in the Comox Valley are touched by dementia. When a loved one begins to show the signs of this condition, it affects everyone in the family.

At Grannies On The Go, all of our staff have plenty of experience working with seniors with dementia, and we have pursued additional training in the field. We are passionate about providing support for seniors and their families, including respite and relief for the caregiver who is looking after someone with dementia.

We are familiar with and use the theories, language and methods taught by dementia specialist Teepa Snow (Positive ApproachTM to Brain Change), as well as Montessori methods and principles for those with dementia.

We understand that it can be exhausting to care for a loved one who is living with dementia. But there are ways provide quality experiences for your loved one as their needs change, and we can help you to:

  • Understand the stages and possible progression of dementia
  • Prepare a safe and suitable environment for your loved one
  • Communicate with your loved one
  • Take a break from looking after your loved one