One-to-One Companionship

Our one-to-one visits are among our most popular services.Our one-to-one visits – in the home, in assisted-living or long-term care facilities, or in the hospital – are among our most popular services. We take pride in getting to know our clients well so we can build relationships with them based on respect, trust and their individual personalities and needs.

How It Works

Visits are scheduled in advance and each time may be a little different based on how the client is feeling that day – sometimes we may go outside for a walk or even go for a little drive or road trip. Other days we may stay in for a cup of tea and a chat, or some other indoor activity. Our staff members are skilled in reading our clients and learn to offer just what is needed on any given day.

There are many benefits to this kind of visit. Our staff members provide our clients with mental and physical stimulation and interaction, liveliness and fun. Even the most excellent care facility can’t provide this kind of concentrated one-to-one time – it’s one of the ways in which we really go above and beyond to fill our clients’ spiritual, emotional, and physical needs.

Our Commitment

One of our major commitments is that seniors using our services see the same employee for each visit. This provides consistency and the basis for building meaningful relationships. (At times this may not be possible due to illness or vacation, but, wherever possible, our seniors see the same person regularly, which is a significant benefit.)

We are happy to work both with individuals and couples and enjoy the process of building friendships with seniors and their families over the years.

Getting Started

Prior to your first service, we like to get to know you and your loved one so we can learn more about their personalities and needs in order to achieve meaningful interaction and provide better service. Some things we may discuss are:

  • Specific goals for both the senior and the family members arranging service
  • Your loved one’s daily routine – so we can be there to help when they need it the most
  • Your loved one’s hobbies, interests, and lifestyle of the past, present and future. Our “All About Me” form – mostly used for services arranged through out-of-town family members – helps us determine your loved one’s likes and dislikes
  • An implementation process and setting up a consistent schedule for visits
  • How we will communicate with family members on an ongoing basis